Monday, February 04, 2008

Speeding Motorcycle to Austin pt. 2/ Lisa D'amour and Super Furry Animals

Mr. Toad's wild ride continues...

The week ended on a very high note. We did a stumble through on Saturday afternoon and I think it really gave everyone in the show a nudge in the right direction. The run though on Sunday proved it. The band and the choreography have really come together.
Got to hang out with the band on Thursday and go over Life In Vain numerous times. At that rehearsal I got to witness the creation of a segue from Kathy's Hey Joe in to Speeding Motorcycle. The magic was evident in the bands first try. A keeper for sure.
The band got word of a party going on in the lobby of the arena theatre which led to a quick raid of the deli trays. Hannah (who is in the show) was part of the party and came to hang out with us. In a way she validated our raid and we hung out for 10 min. or so. Terri heisted the brie.
We've been working inside the theater all week and it's fucking huge. It took some getting used to. I don't really have any perspective on how it will look from the audience and it's take some time to set up the stage to make it work in the space. We'll probably run in to some stumbling blocks once it's time to add body mic's and such. Just a prediction. Hoping we get to use hand mic's as much as poossible. That may be a pipe dream though.
As a whole though, the rehearsals have gone terrific. All the changes are really adding to the depth of the show(additional band members, new songs added to the 'rock show' portion of the show, the rumor of children as cast members). All unexpected surprises. It's really hard to believe but it seems as if lightning may have struck twice.
Finally starting to feel a bit comfortable with Peek-a-boo on piano. It'll be fun to work with a real stand up piano again. The action on them is always unique.
Saw Jason this evening on my way to the store and he was glowing with excitement following an afternoon rehearsal with some children who are to be added to the show. Some in the chorus and another who will sing Don't Be Scared. I have a feeling it's going to be awesome. He also told me of a conversation he had with the lighting designer who watched both weekend rehearsals. He told Jason the show was already packing a personal punch even at this stage in the game. Phenominal news to say the least.
Troy stopped by the Saturday rehearsal and gave his nod of approval. Respect his opinion. Told him it must be like in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure when they are at the drive-in watching the "Hollywood" version of Pee-Wee's story(starring James Brolin & Morgan Fairchild). We both got a good laugh outta that.
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Went to a local bar and hung out for a bit with playwright Lisa D'amour. She wrote an original piece for IBP in 2006 called Hide Town. There was a cover band playing that were the spitting image of The Band. They played several covers from The Band's catalog. They weren't half band. I don't know if the world is clammoring for such a band though.

Watched a interesting documentary of Herbie Hancock making one of those "duet" type albums. Schools Trey. Comes off as kind of a self righteous buddah brother at times. Some of it's cool, tho. Stuff with Damian Rice & Lisa Hannigan is way rad. Raul Midon pretty much schools Herbie w/ his schooling of Stevie Wonder. Felt guilty for not paying tuition after that. Ends with him(and Santana...oh, brother) apologizing for Hiroshima & Nagasaki. got me.

"The master does not tell you what to do. The master wants you to reveal yourself." -HH

Saw the Super Furry Animals at Emo's on Saturday night. They blew me away. Their sound was a dense syrup filled satin matress that wrapped its arms around you makimg your brain feel as if it were floating in a medicated goo. Not a bad song in the bunch. They played several songs from their new album(Neo Consumer, The Girt That Keeps Giving) and a wide range from their past recordings(Slow Life, Juxtaposed With You, Hello Sunshine, (Drawing) Rings Aroung The World and Keeping The Cosmic Trigger Happy). I had gone in with huge expectations and they exceded them in ways I couldn't have imagine. Their live sound is so think and unobtrusive. The guitars were never overpowering and were placed delicately inside the mix like pedals on a flower. I want to quit everything and move to Northern England to dedicate every living moment I have to their music. Seriously. A whole crew of Houston folks came up to see the show(Ravi, Ed & Gretchen, Kevin & Hilary). Joe & Kyle and Matt & Mo all had a ridonkulous time. It was all a bit too much for Lindsey to take in. I bought two poster but neglected to but a .45 vinyl single they had on display. Trying to get Eddie to buy it for me when they see them in San Francisco next weekend. We walked back to the hotel from 6th St. taking about 30-40 min. Beautiful night.
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i love you cary and will miss you till i see you next. thanks for showing me the unexplainable magic you possess. i will do my best with it. but, nothing will replace you.

heres the premise of the song that i wrote for you but never got a chance to show you.

theres an old style suitcase record player. i love the music that it always brought me. i dont want it to ever quit working. i'll do my best to get it fixed. but, please little record player dont leave me. i could never replace you with an 8track player. it wouldnt be the same. i could never replace you with a cassette player, or a cd player, or an mp3 player or even blue ray surround sound setup. shoot even the band live in my living room wouldnt be the same magic as my little portable suitcase record player.

you are that record player to me cary.

i'll talk to you later.

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