Monday, January 28, 2008

(In a) Speeding Motorcycle to Austin


The end of the first week of rehearsals. Where do I start? The facilities at the Zach Scott are nothing short of amazing. There are more electronic gadgets than we know what to do with. Wireless mikes, an excellent p.a. system, lighting instruments out the wazoo, THREE theatres(2 proscenium thrust stages AND an arena), rehearsal spaces, an endless maze of hallways through three buildingds,and parking. Aside from the contract nonsense, everything is top notch.
It's silly, but I got really choked up during the first run through of "Loving Feelings". It felt like being greeted by a long lost friend. I remember how excited I was to first hear the song and my enjoyment of it hasn't diminished one bit. The love I have for this show knows no end.
It's funny how I initially found it difficult to imagine "new" actors portraying characters I had seen originated by fellow members in the Catastrophic Crew. Those illisions were blown away the first time the cast performed "Don't Let The Sun Go Down" as an ensemble. It was awesome. Tony's spectacular arrangement is in a league with anything Brian Wilsons' got up his sleeve.
Meeting and getting to perform a duet on "Loving Feelings" with Kathy McCarty was surreal. She's so sweet and talented. She's had nothing but kind things to say to me during rehearsal. A real classy chick. Her solo performance of "Hey Joe" just prior to intermission is gonna fucking floor you.
The choreographer for the show is a total throw back to the 70's. We shared Grateful Dead stories(as did Adam and I). She did the choreography for "Waiting For Guffman". It all made sense after I heard that.
I can hardly express how much fun the first week has been. I'm slowly falling in love with Austin. The HORROR! I know. Been riding my bike every day. I can actually ride from one end of the city to the next. Lots of hippy-dippy people. Probably just as many drunken asshole frat types, but I haven't had to deal with them yet. Although our trip to Emo's to see the Super Furry Animals this weekend may require some mingling. We'll see.
I miss Lindsey more than I thought possible. I'm currently going through some pretty heavy withdrawals. It powerful sucks. I'm counting the hours until she arrives.
I've been taking pictures like a man possessed. I think the cast was a little freaked out by my shutter bugness at first. They all seem to be fine with it now. Here are some to gives you a taste of what's to come.

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Oh, the vapors!

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I've never even heard of the Smithereens.
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Don't make a sad song sadder than it already is...
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Don't encourage her.
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I think Adam farted.
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The drummer's on drugs!
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His happy place.
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$14 for beans & rice?!?
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Insert fart joke here.
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What's cookin'?
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I'm feeling a "Hair Metal" type arrangement on this one. You?
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-Bill played with Neko Case in 2000. WOW!
-Adam(the bass player) followed the Grateful Dead from 1989-1995. Exactly the same years I followed them. eeeerrriieeeee
-rehearsed "Dairy Queen" with band to play during 'rock show' portion of the show.

Song I love today: Worried Shoes by Daniel Johnston


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stay away from the light!!! its only hollywood texas!!!

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