Friday, August 17, 2007

In response to corporate sponsorship...

Drock, I understand yer pain. I do. And it's really easy to put these guys up on a pedestal. I did once for a band called the Grateful Dead. I know. I know. But the fact is, in the end, I was totally let down by them.

When bands like the Lips(and the GD in my case) make such emotionally touching music(mixed with narcotics), it becomes very easy to believe they are some kind of magical mystery thang. When, in fact, it's only their MUSIC that weaves the voodoo, not the individuals. In a way, that sucks. I mean, Wayne Coyne for President...ya know. But it just ain't gonna happen. Never.

I've got cancer. I don't WANT cancer. But that's doesn't make it go away. I don't wanna pay Ticketmaster fees, but when I HAVE to, I do. The hope that the band brings me outweighs any corporate nonsense. Wanna protest? Tag one of the banners at the show. Paint a small "sux" under the Miller Lite logo. Those in the know will understand. Then again, you could spend the rest of your life bad mouthing Miller Lite. Do it. I encourage you to.

During my illness, I've tried to learn to live in that perfect moment. And the Lips have a way of creating those moments with their MUSIC(and by attracting such groovy fans). You've been there, man. When that first snap of the snare drum comes down during "Race For The Prize", that's it. Pure joy. From that moment on, I just live in that moment. Wishing and feeling that the world was always such a euphoric place. And for the hour and a half they play, it is.


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