Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Knockout Punch

The defining moment of the Dylan concert at Stubb's BBQ last weekend was just as Bob turned to walk off stage following the bands "line up" he made eye contact with his drummer, George Recile, who made a boxing one two punch with his fists while bobbing his head from side to side. The sparring partners had been nodding to each other all night and brought out more smiles from each other than I can remember. Although, I must admit, the underage girls on the rail who were driving the show did seem to be having just as much fun. Bob had his eyes on them all night(as did the rest of the band).
This was the closest I've ever been to the stage in my 18 years of seeing Dylan shows and it made all the difference. The onstage "drama" was in full swing. From the first notes of the blistering "Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat" to the Hendrix inspired "Watchtower", the band found a groove so deep it nearly left a smoking crater in their wake.
As always, I had big expectations for the show. Highlights included "Big Girl Now", "Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)", and "Nettie Moore". However, the biggest impact of the evening came from "Working Man's Blues #2". Spitting the lyrics from between his clenched teeth, Dylan displayed a vitriol that I haven't heard since the Rolling Thunder performances. His anger was buoyant. But in the next moment he was gentle and vulnerable. I was caught off guard and moved beyond words.
In stark contrast to his soulful NYC performance last fall, Saturday night I saw Dylan at his most playful and exuberant. He danced and displayed his confidence on his sleeve. It's performances like this that will have me coming back for another 18 years.

(in attendance) Lindsey, Jason & Miki, Gretchen & Four

iPod Song Of The Day: "Midnight's Another Day" from Brian Wilson's new opus That Lucky Old Sun (WOW!)

noteworthy moments:
-Standing in line behind several hundred people for hours and having the gate right next to us open which allowed us to get a step on those in front. We were 2 people off the rail, dead center
-Seeing the ambient mikes that were on top of the p.a. speakers. Bob's recording these things and they'll NEVER see the light of day.
-Sharing her first Dylan show with my baby
-The band starting "Most Likely" and watching as Bob stepped up to the mike with much confusion. He almost acted as if he didn't know what they were playing. He missed the first line but made the most of the rest of the song. Even stuttering(on purpose) during the "t-t-t-t-time will tell" portion. He cracks himself up!
-massive crowd in attendance. Had to be more than the 2100 capacity .
-Got to hear "Masterpice" and "Memphis Blues" (along with several I didn't recognize) during the sound check. Bob was in attendance at the sound check. rarity
-Donnie had his eyes on Dylan's fingers the whole night. Even yelling out, "Go man!" at one point. nose and cheeks very rosy.
-Tony had the droopy eyelid syndrome. Looked like he'd been drinking for a better part of the day.
-Between song antics of Bob. In the darkness of the stage he primped, stretched out his legs, smiled at George, and generally acted pretty full of himself. Quite humorous.
-Post show(late night) music discussion at Matt & Mo's. KISS, Led Zeppelin vs. Black Sabbath, kraut rock, iPod shuffle, Gil Scott Heron, Super Furry Animals, Slayer vs. Marilyn Manson. Do you LOVE Slayer?!?
-Sometimes things are ridiculous, while other times they're REDUNKULOUS!


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