Thursday, June 28, 2007

30th Anniversary of Elvis' last concert

My first concert was Elvis in Kansas City in '74(I was 4). Early show I believe. He actually wore the American Eagle jumpsuit. I can recall the excitement of the first few moments with the spotlight on him as the arena was illumintated by what seemed to be a million flashbulbs going off at the same time. He did the whole kneeling on the stage with back turned to the audience while spreading his arms to reveal the "bedazzeled" eagle. Quite a striking moment. I also recall it was the first time I'd ever been in a multi-level parking garage.

His single at the time was "It's Midnight/Promised Land". I can remember sitting in my room listening to it on my tiny 45 turn table that opened like a suitcase. It had a built in speaker in the top. My mother walked in my room one day and discovered me weeping as I listened to "It's Midnight". She asked what was wrong and I replied, "When are we gonna see Elvis again?"

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