Thursday, June 21, 2007


The faithful freaks were already there by the time Lindsey and I arrived(right of the barrier). She scurried up to the rail, but after spending 3 1/2 hours waiting for Ween, I decided to stay about 5 rows back ensuring I would get the whole picture in without missing out on the stage drama.

No sooner had I squeezed my tiny little ass down when I was greeted by Kind. He ended up staying there the whole show(yipee!).

We were both pleasantly surprised to discover everyone around us was young, intelligent, and well spoken. We had 4 hours ahead of us and we made the most of every moment. I'd brought along a backpack full of balloons, confetti, and streamers which added to the party that was already in full swing. Several people in front of us led the crowd in sing-alongs of Jelly, Bohemian Rhapsody, and multiple Happy Birthdays. Kind joked that if we sang their entire set the band would have no reason to come out and play.

The first hour and a half, the energy was climbing at a dizzying pace. Kind and I agreed this was gonna get as crazy as we had ever seen. And after the OKC show, that's saying a LOT. We saw Lindsey get Kliph's attention and then watched as she had a brief conversation with him from the lip of th stage. (Kristen, this girl is gonna give you a run for your money).

The crowds momentum was slowed by an argument in front of us in which one guy took it upon himself to put up a road block for a couple who was trying to squeeze their way up to the front. After some discussion, several of us agreed both were at fault and that security should have gotten involved much sooner. After about 45min. two thugs appeared and tossed him over the barrier. The whole situation was very sad. Cooler heads would have prevailed. With their exit, though, a HUGE amount of tension collecting above our heads evaporated.

Wayne(and band) was, of course, coming and going. With each new appearance, he insighted the crowd that much more and this pushed the anticipation to a new high. Finally, around 11pm, he announced that the band was going to perform a "sound check" and that we should refer to it as so in order to prevent anyone of authority climbing down their throats. The War Pigs that followed was downright dirty. The sound system sounded phenominal, specifically Michael's bass. It was thundering!

The lull that follwed(another hour or so) deflated the mood for a bit, but as soon as the band came back all was forgotten. The delivery of boxes of laser pointers didn't hurt either. The band was preparing to throw everything but the kitchen sink at us and, like good freaks, we were more than prepared.

Knowing that talking about music is like shitting about fucking, I'll let the video and audio recordings do most of the talking. I personally thought both were flawless. Even the premature popping of the giant Jelly balloon couldn't stop Wayne and Co. from moving forward. He made a "keep it going" movement in Stephen's direction and went right ahead and attached another to the leaf blower with help from Capt. America. The second went off without a hitch. "I love it when a plan comes together."

The crowd was a real exercise in duality. They were bat-shit crazy in all the right places and as quiet as a tit-mouse when necessary. Wayne spoke several times between songs and nary a hoot or holler was heard out of respect. During the Tapsmir>Superman performance, you could've hear a pin drop. Very sincere and moving.

Needless to say, the "ball", the UFO, and lasers were delicious eye candy. Even the new half circle screen was a joy to witness. We got it all. Sensory overload to be sure. Smoke and green lasers(from the stage) assaulted our senses and obscurred the band several times during the course of the show. It was more than we could have dreamed, and I know I can have some pretty fucked up dreams.

Musical highlights:

Mountainside(You could see Kind's brain slowly dripping out of his right ear). The S&M match between Wayne and Steven was electrifying!

Wayne's guitar playing during What Is The Light>Observer.

Kliph, on two feet, attempting to destroy his hand cymbals during Pompeii.

Vein Of Stars. I have a personal connection with this one, folks.

And the Rolling Stones cover, Moonlight Mile, was so far out of left field we all stood there with mouths agape.

But, I think I'm forgetting something...


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HOLY CRAP! Moonlight Mile! That's one of my favorite Stones songs; I'd have killed to see that. -- Chet

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