Sunday, September 23, 2007

That Lucky Old Sun

Brian Wilson's newest musical endeavor premiered last week in London and, once again, exceeded all expectations. That Lucky Old Sun is a slice of Americana daydream pie. Surprisingly upbeat, the seamless piece slows down only for a handful of sprinkled narrative voice overs and for two slower numbers toward the end. The music contained inside its ivy walls recalls several classic Beach Boy songs including Do It Again and Marcella. All I have is an audience bootleg recording, so while the lyrics aren't always clear they frequently speak of Southern California and are stacked together with layer upon layer of trademark Wilson harmonies. Masterfully performed by his backing band and the Stockholm Strings, this splendid collection will effortlessly stand side by side with 2002's SMiLE. A real tribute to Brian's genius and a moment of body tingling joy for his generations of fans everywhere. Let's hope the studio recording isn't too far behind.


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