Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Love Songs & The Beatles Through The Back Door

Before this blog slips off the edge of the planet, I figure I better update it since I've actually got the night off.
I’ve been trying to figure out where to start in my assignment to write a “love song” for a show that’s coming up next year. Along the way, I’ve been obsessing over two songs in particular. The first one is by the Super Furry Animals titled “Juxtaposed With U”. It’s not your typical “I love her, she doesn’t even know I’m alive” kinda love lament. It’s more about a feeling of love for the world and how each and every day we have to choose between being tolerant of one another and being an asshole. The chorus lines are particularly poignant (You’ve got to tolerate all those people that you hate/I’m not in love with you, but I won’t hold that against you). Why is it so difficult for people to get along? What will it take for those in power to realize the burden is on their shoulders? Is the human race a failed experiment?
The second song is by the Flaming Lips and is titled “Satellite Of You”. This is a bit closer to the conventional love tune. The metaphors used are those of a satellite that orbits the moon and the gravitational pull between the two. It almost as much a song of praise and worship than it is a pure declaration of love. Very ethereal. Lush orchestrations and angelic vocals are used as a paintbrush that helps to create sweeping waves of emotion and wonder. I am in awe of its emotion impact.

Several weeks back I was discussing The Beatles with friends and in the process recalled my first brush with their music and the journey I took to discover their greatness. It started out in a very odd place, but of course ended in hero worship.
Like most things, I fell in to them years after everyone else my age had discovered them and abandoned their fever for them long ago. I was well in to my high school years and went with a friend to see the movie “Yellow Submarine” that was playing at a local art house. Not only was I stunned by the visual onslaught of the film; the soundtrack grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let me free.
Weeks passed and I knew I had to get my hands on as much of their music as I could find. Not having much money, though, that proved a bit of a task. But with my birthday just around the corner, I told everyone within earshot that they look no further than the Beatles record bin for my gift. Thankfully one person heard my cries of desperation. Her name was Lisa Hargus and I can remember sitting in a Chinese restaurant on Richmond Ave as she presented me with my gift. It was Abbey Road. I had my heart set on the Yellow Submarine Soundtrack, but didn’t show my disappointment. Using all my acting skills, I thanked her and immediately went to exchange it for the record my heart desired.
Proud of my musical exchange, I set off for home with my new vinyl acquisition. Not recognizing many of the song titles did not diminish my excitement. What was this song “Sea Of Holes”? And, ooooohhh, “The March Of The Meanies” sounded like it was gonna be a real winner. I had scored big and was giddy with excitement.
Talk about a buzz kill. When I discovered that the second side consisted entirely of orchestrations by George Martin I felt as though someone had skinned a puppy before my very eyes. Ick!
These days I have to laugh when I think about my lopsided exchange. Here I had their masterpiece in my hands and went and traded it for a collection of rejected songs and symphonic fluff. It goes to show, you don't ever know...

iPod Song Of The Day: Christmas At The Zoo from the Flaming Lips Clouds Taste Mettalic


Anonymous babylemur said...

Are you a boy or a goyle?
No, i only read part of the blog.
Ever bought a pimp hat?
I'm fatyou know.

3:00 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Super Furry Animals rule. You can tell them I said so...

5:56 PM  

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