Friday, June 02, 2006

Speeding Motorcycle 6/2

So, I've been writing an informal blog after each show in the private section of the IBP forum for the last week. Since I don't get the chance to update this thing very often, I figured I might as well waste my thoughts on the rest of the world while I'm at it. So, here goes...
Kind of a wild show tonight. There were 2 VERY drunk people in the audience who were very vocal in their responses to the first half. Both are friends of IBP who have been very supportive of us. Not only were their responses loud, some were a bit inappropriate and that threw a bunch of people (cast & audience) for a bit of a loop. I didn't really care or pay much attention to them, but I can see how it would disrupt other patrons and irritate performers. They were asked to leave during intermission and did so quietly.
Daniel came again tonight and brought members of his band, the Nightmares, along for the ride. I met Bridgette and Jason. I met another guy who had a name tag that read "Elvis", but I don't think he was in the band though. Bridgette, Jason, and Daniel were all very nice and said some terribly flattering things to me following the show. Daniel noted how much he enjoyed our treatment of "Loving Feelings" and how some people had laughed at its lyrics prior to our performing it. Well, I don't know who these "people" are, but they have got to be morons to have not been impressed by its message. It's probably one of the finest songs I've ever heard and I told him as much. I gave him a Beatles bootleg on cd and he thanked me for the gift.
The reviewer for the Chronicle came tonight and I got a kick out of seeing him make a b-line for the door as soon as the main stage portion was over. Just as he was about to reach the door, Jason stopped him dead in his tracks and informed him the play was not over. So, he sat down at a table by himself and stayed for all but the final song of the rock concert. He asked Tamarie during the intermission if the head dresses we all wear were some kind of Egyptian thing.
I went to great lengths to remember my angel wings for the opening song of act 2 and promptly forgot to wear them. Just as the curtain opened, I suddenly remembered and bolted backstage to grab another pair and made it on stage by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin. Bet I don't forget them again.
I felt like "Loving Feelings" was taken to a higher level tonight. I tried to channel the feeling I get from the "birthday" monologue, which precedes it, and segue it straight in to the song. Not that it's difficult to sell that song, I just felt a little something extra was going on underneath the whole thing. It felt great and bittersweet, as it always does.
The show was very solid tonight. I was tremendously pleased with it considering the amount of time we've been apart from it (not counting the brush up, of course).
Aside from Daniel and the reviewer in the house, the show was also attended by our biggest donor (Michael Zilkha) and my father who had driven all the way down from Independence, MO just to see the show. I know he had a great time and I was very very pleased to have him make the nearly 800 mile trek just for me. I've only been able to perform for him a handful of times in my career and I did all I could to make it a special show for him. He told me later that a young lady approached him following the show to thank him for having me because I made her feel "good" whenever I was around. I'm speechless. :^)
The energy during the rock show portion of the evening was, in a word, electric. I saw Daniel in the back corner singing along to "Like A Monkey In A Zoo" and generally having a grand ole time. For the most part, the entire crowd hung out and seemed to be enjoying themselves as well. I don't think it hurts that all the girls in the cast/company get up front and dance around. I had a blast performing "Brainwashed". Don't think I've had that much fun with it before. "True Grief" was amazing. It never disappoints.
Another stream of flattering compliments about the show and performances from friends and strangers alike. I never get sick of it. It's so fucking cool to see the looks on people’s faces when you can see that a production has had an impact on them. It's like some sweet narcotic that always puts you in the right place. Gimme more. Gimme more.
I'll conclude with a few observations about Daniel.
Him sitting at the bar taking large gulps of what appeared to be red wine as Jenni bombarded him with "Jenniocity".

He autographed AJ's scooter and even drew a flying eyeball between the handle bars.

Tonights performance was advertised as a "no smoking" show. It was posted and explained to Daniel as such. I hadn't completed the first verse of the opening song before I could see that he had sparked up and was soon puffing away on a cigarette. He ain't no doughnut!

As I was leaving the theater, Daniel was standing near the door with Jason, Bridgette, and Jason Nodler circled around him. He was playing "air guitar" while making sorta half-assed Pete Townshend like windmills all while exclaiming, “I feel like Lucifer tonight! I feel like Lucifer tonight!"

Does it get any better than that?


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can you please post your after show blog entries here, too?


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Blogger Starfucker said...

Done and done.
Mad luv to ya and David(and babies, too)!

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