Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Neko Case on Letterman

Neko made a musical appearance on Letterman tonight and she was stunning. This lady has it all. Not only is she equipped with terrific musical talent and fantastic looks, but she also has a voice that could slay a giant. Her music is kind of a folksy/country mix with lyrics that are both sultry and haunting. I'm convinced she's the Emmylou Harris of this generation and it's only a matter of time before she conquers the world. She's been in a band called The New Pornographers for a number of years and started a solo career about 5 or 6 years back (as far as I know). I've gotten several bootlegs of her solo concerts and she's charming and captivating in her live show, just as she is in her recordings.
Her performance on Letterman of "Maybe Sparrow", from her latest release, was perfect.("The Needle Has Landed" is my favorite off her newest) Dwarfed by her Gibson guitar, she strummed dutifully away as her band held down the fort. A drummer, banjo, lead acoustic guitar backed her along with a stand up bass and female back up singer. I can hardly wait to see her live in concert, but I don't expect that to be anytime soon. She's traveling extensively this year in support of her album and isn't coming anywhere new Houston. However, I will get to see her with The New Pornographers at Lollapalooza this coming August and that's almost as good.

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The late night talk shows were awash with female singer songwriters this evening. Regina Spektor did a wonderful job on Conan tonight. I don't know the name of the song she performed, but alone on a grand piano it was wispy, light, and fun.
K.T Tunstall performed on Leno with an acoustic guitar that had "This Machine Kills Fascists" written on it. Although I appreciate the nod to Woody, her song was the weakest of the ladies three. She did have some cool tricks with loop pedals that aided her performance, though. And did I mention that she stomped on a tambourine while she strummed her geetar? She did. It was rad.

iPod Song Of The Day: A 38 minute version of The Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray" from the bootleg entitled, The Quine Tapes


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