Saturday, June 10, 2006

Speeding Motorcycle 6/9-10

So, we started out the weekend with some pretty heady news. Before the show, Jason took me aside and confided in me the unbelievable news that a reporter from the New York Times would be in the house for Friday night’s performance. Although this information did have me on pins and needles for the first half of the show, I'm really glad he told me in advance. It gave me all the nervous energy I needed to perform at my best and helped me focus on the show after our longest break since opening the show. I guess it wasn't enough that Daniel's parents would also be in attendance. They would end up leaving during the intermission because of a problem we were having with the air conditioning. That sucked.
No having the knowledge of their departure, I approached a group of elderly people following the show and thanked them for coming out. I later found out they were a cast members grandparents and were in no way related to Daniel. Doh! It was cool of them to hang out during the entire rock show following the main stage performance, though. The elderly woman in the group had a priceless reaction during Kevin's " that marijuana" line, but ended up dancing by the end of the song. They were very sweet and, I believe, our biggest group of older people to come to the show. Good for them!
Another priceless Lisa Haymes moment tonight. While walking through the lobby during the middle of the show, I couldn't help but notice Lisa laying flat on her back as she was sprawled out across the couch while staring up at the ceiling. I think the thought of Daniel's parents and the biggest newspaper in the country there, all in one night, was a bit more that she could handle.
My best friend, for over twenty years, was also in attendance Friday. He had flown in from New Jersey that afternoon and I could not have been more excited to have him in the audience. He's been through a rough year and has maintained a brave face despite getting some horrible news just that day. He was a bit in shock following the performance, as he was not aware of my role in the show. He explained that he expected my role to consist of "tree stage left" and little more. To hear his praise of my performance and the show in general made my heart fill with joy. He's such a wonderful guy and I'm so lucky to have him as a part of my life. I love him dearly for the strength he has shown in character as he treads across the rocky road that has been thrust before him. Love ya, Omi!
The sold out performance was again littered with many friends who are appreciated more than words can express. Chet & Erin have been there nearly every night and have been more than generous in their praise of the show. Both have commented on how they have enjoyed the evolving performances from night to night and how they've discovered new moments/songs each evening that elevate their enjoyment with each viewing. Jeff Miller and Jo Bird were also repeat attendees and sat right up front. They are the definition of "cool couple".
Joe's performance of "Rock 'n Roll EGA" has grown each night and I was blow away by it on Friday night. He's approached each night with a tremendous enthusiasm that is to be admired and respected. We've had a moment together, following them main stage performances, the last two nights that have found us both on the precipice of emotion bliss. I think we both have discovered an emotional state this weekend that we've not inhabited before. The only word to describe it would be, ecstasy.
Christa came to the show tonight (Saturday) and was an emotional wreck the entire night. I kept from making eye contact with her until the final number for fear of completely losing my shit on stage during the show. She's seven months pregnant and is more beautiful than I've seen her ever look (and she is one hot mama!). She really made the show for me tonight and I told her as much following the show. She was nothing short of radiant in her front row seat and her blissful energy made it all worth it.
With that said, it was a bit of a weird night. This morning was the first of four days, over the next two weekends, which we have set aside to professionally film the show. As a result of the early day, I think many in the cast felt some fatigue. There were no major "fuck-ups" or problems with the show, I just think the energy level was a bit askew (I know mine was) and results were a somewhat lopsided performance. I felt the second act was as strong as it's ever been, but it took the majority of the first act for us to get our feet firmly in place. I don't know that others felt this way. Perhaps it was just me.
More good friends in attendance tonight along with a second viewing by the playwright, Lisa D'Amour, who has been commissioned to write our first show of the next season. She's way cool and had nothing but great things to say about the show. I hold opinions in highest regard.
Jason got in my head tonight and I think it resulted in a weird performance of "Peek-a'Boo". As I was running through the song on piano before the show, he tossed out a note concerning the emotional climax of the song and it got the best of me. I performed a slower and quieter version in hopes of squeezing something new from it tonight and I was not convinced of its results. Oh, well. You can't win 'em all.
I did have a ton of fun performing "Living Life", though. I've discovered a new vocal approach that really allows me to inject some soul in it and have had a blast ever since.
We celebrated Mossie's sweet 16 before the show and it was great to see her expression as the curtain opened to reveal a table full of sugar filled goodies illuminated by candles. She's a tremendous talent and has a wonderful maturity to her at such a young age. She's really stepped up to the plate during this show and has held her own with people who are twice her age. With that attitude, she can expect to go far in this business.
Some meaningful comments from AJ the last two nights following the show. I heart that. Friday night, she got her biggest ovation for "Don't Let The Sun" yet. Woot!
Highlight of the night, aside from Christa's emotional wellspring, was during "True Grief". At the climax of the song, rather than kicking over his piano stool, Tony performed a wonderful circus act as he leaned back on his heels while managing to balance his chair on its two back feet.


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Loved the show Saturday night! It was my second time to see it and you're right, you did look like you were having a ton of fun doing Livin' Life! I really liked it!

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Thanks, GH!

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