Sunday, June 04, 2006

Speeding Motorcycle 6/3

Tonight was a very liberating experience. While nervous energy can be a helpful tool, it can also cause a strangle hold on your ability to be loose and keep you from surging ahead, free of inhibitions. I think tonight a great majority of us broke free of the tension we held for the last week and were finally able to take the fun level to new heights. It was one of our best shows, without quesion.
Kyle was footloose and fancy free tonight. His showboat moment of the evening was (and has always been as far as I'm concerned) "Funeral Girl". Each night he seems to get a little bolder with his vocal performance and tonight was no exception. His voice was strong (if not downright powerful) and I think he has officially become a member of the Pointer Sisters with this evening’s powerhouse rendition. Kyle es muy en fuego.
Following the show, he told me of a sort of backhanded compliment he had received from a female fan who expressed her desires toward him. Poor Kyle. Paradise lost. Although, on the up side, Mike seems to be getting affection from women who have less than 20/20 vision and have mistaken him for Kyle. One man gathers what another man spills.
Got nice comments from both Chris B and Tony about tonight's "Peek-a-Boo". Chris noted a "growl" I had during the middle eight section. I try to attack that song with a "feeling the moment" kind of thing and that's what came out tonight. It felt good.
I could see the reaction Jason had mentioned last week during the line, "Don't you think you could do better?” in "Loving Feelings". A woman in the first row and a man in the second row both nodded to themselves during their personal revelation. I also got a reaction after the line, "Don't you wish you knew the truth and nothing more?" A man who I had confronted with the question quietly mouthed the reply, "yes".
The girls in the booth have taken to dancing and clapping their hands above their heads (like they just don't care) during the finale as well. Go girls.
I should also note that during the finale, as I approach Kyle and Joe with the opening lines, both have been giving me looks of self revelation. Not sure if I'm imagining this or not. Either way, that's some good acting fellows!
A man on house right wearing a Daniel shirt was on the edge of his chair the entire performance. Literally. Also noticed him singing some of the songs. I mistook him for Mossie's father, who was also wearing a Daniel t-shirt, but was corrected by her following the show.
The first people to approach me, following the show, were a couple who wanted to know what the deal was with the head gear. Told them of the "Joe the Boxer" character and I think that helped them understand. I'm can't be sure, though.
The next person was the very same twentysomething kid who later approached Jason about the Rudz "Don't Let The Sun..." performance. He asked if it was going to be performed (ala Rudz style) during the rock concert. I told him unfortunately "no" and he proceeded to tell me about the impact it had had on him during the Memorial Day show. When I told him Daniel had been there the night before, a sudden "Oh, shit. I missed the boat", look came over his face for a moment before he quickly shook it off and told me of being shut out by the sold out opening night performance. I directed him to AJ's scooter with the "flying eyeball" doodle by Daniel (which is now legendary) and then pointed out Jason and told him to inquire with "the bald guy" about "Don't Let The Sun..." He later reported back that the scooter drawing was "fucking rad".
A slowly moving old man walked in front of the dancing girls during the rock concert with both hands covering his ears on his way to the front door.
I distracted Jenni during her performance of "Monkey In A Zoo" and caused her to forget the words. She said I had rekindled her ADD.
A very nice girl had a look of stunned disbelief on her face when, after offering to buy me a beer, was told that I didn't drink. Mossie then said, "You don't drink?!?"
Fantastic performance by The Misfires following the show. Mike and I were trying to figure out when exactly it was that they had graduated from "power pop" to full out "rock-n-roll" band. The encore of "Loving Feelings" was, well...interesting. I'll leave it at that.
The show, and its performances, just keeps getting better and better. In the words of The Beatles, "To the toppermost of the poppermost!"

...and beyond.


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