Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My East Coast Red Rocks Monster Vacation

Well, I did it. As promised in my 5/29 post, last night after a little encouragement from Jake S.(and the gracious use of his car), I made my reservations for a trip to Philly and Connecticut to see my boy Brian Wilson and band perform SMiLE. I'm sooo fucking stoked. Having twice seen them perform it in Texas last year (Houston & Austin), I knew I would punch myself in the face if I didn't go see him again this summer. I got the whole thing booked for under $500! That's pretty reasonable. Thanks you Southwest Airlines. Now all I have to do is live that long. Until then you just try and wipe the shit-eatin' grin off my face. Yahoo and woot! Good for me. I'm glad I got motivated and made the plunge. It will make working the 50-60 hours a week worth the wait. I had thought about making a day trip to New Orleans to see him perform at Jazz Fest in late April. But after a little consideration, the thought of braving the crowds, heat, and New Orleans, I thought better of it. And after seeing his set list, I'm glad I didn't go. He didn't play SMiLE and it was an abbreviated set at best. Greatest hits kind of thing. I prefer the set up he's been doing during a full show frankly (acoustic opening set followed by a meaty electric set and finally after a set break SMiLE and a greatest hits encore). A good 2 1/2 hours of Brian at his best and covering all parts of his career. In the immortal words of Flounder, "Oh, boy! This is gonna be grrreat!"

And the cherry on top is a free trip to Denver, later this month, to see Widespread Panic at fucking Red Rocks! All I have to do is go to my cousins wedding on 6/25 and my mom paid for the plane ticket. After telling her I didn't wanna go about 5 times, I finally realized the opportunity that was presented to me..And I jumped on it. I'm not a huge WP fan, but a bunch of my fellow touring buddies from the Grateful Dead years are and they will all be there. I didn't even know about the concert until I agreed to go, so I think it's fate. I must admit that I've even walked out of a WP show here in Houston back in the mid 90's. They played at a very intimate venue called Rockefellers (now a wedding reception hall) and I wasn't too impressed. But to my credit, I had eaten a huge horse pill before I went and it wasn't very conducive to being vertical. So, I bailed. The last time I got to see my friends was when they were all in Austin about 3 years ago seeing WP at a venue called the Backyard. I met them after the 3rd night of a 3 day run and we partied like rock stars. We did all go to a late show that same evening to see Robert Randolph and his family band and it was amazing. He's a real showman. Several members of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band showed up (having been at the WP show earlier that evening) and really added some excellent grooves to RR sound. Several months (or years) later I told my friend Steve I was at the show and he was kinda jealous. He informed me that no bootleg recordings of that show had surfaced and likely would not. So another "good for me" is deserved. I'm looking forward to the trip and seeing my pals again.

And finally, since I know no one is actually downloading any of the music I put up here, I'm going to offer an original recording produced by my old pal Eddie Hawkins. It's called (It's a) Monster Vacation feat. Frankenstein on bass. That's right, that's the title. It's from a soon to be released retrospective CD of songs from the previous ten years of Tamalalia (a wacky autobiography of a musical about my good friend
Tamarie). enjoy!



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