Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Guilty Pleasures

What can I say, I'm sucker for pop music. My collection is chock full of those recordings you used to hide in the closet whenever friends would come over for fear they would "out" you to friends. Here are a few.

A memeber of the KISS Army since I was 6 years old, the walls of my room were literally covered floor to ceiling with posters of them. My brother and I even had some of the original trading cards we stapled in the empty spaces between the posters. I was too young to see them at the top of their game, but I did take a trip to Planet KISS back in '96 when my buddies Scott, Josh, and I all rode our bikes to the Summit to see the big reunion tour. Loaded on psychadelics we created a world in which KISS were the party 24/7. Long before that though my brother and I, along with our friend Nathan, created a three man KISS in our bedrooms. We even went so far as to record our adventures as the three man KISS on audio cassette. We would drop a a record on the player and mime to a song, then act out adventures outside the gig or traveling to the next gig. What a silly great time we had. I can recall miming a particularly moving version of "Beth", after which my brother and friend seemed to have been REALLY impressed with and congratulated me on. (shrug of the shoulders) Now of course I'm talking about the original KISS(Paul, Gene, Ace,& Peter). All other versions are as appealing to me as Van Hagar. Some favorites include "New York Groove", "King Of The Nighttime World", "Fire House", "Shock Me" and "Rock & Roll All Night"
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Olivia Newton John
I fell in love with her in Grease. I must admit I liked her with the "girl next door" look much more than I did after she tramped herself up in order to impress Danny. I never have been normal that way. I always thought it sent a fucked up message to kids. If you look like a tramp, boys will like you. I guess I'm just a freak. My fondness for her music really only covers about 3 or 4 years(1976-1980). "You're The One That I Want", "Magic", "Xanadu", "Have You Ever Been Mellow", "Totally Hot" are some of my favorites. Her album Totally Hot was one of the first albums I ever spent my own money to buy. All other women were compared to her thereafter.
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Before or After, you decide.

Electric Light Orchestra(E.L.O)
I discovered you either love Jeff Lynne or hate him, there's no inbetween. Overproduced? Maybe, but I like it. OK, Xanadu the movie sucked, but the soundtrack is pretty killer. For years I searched for a song from that soundtrack called "All Over The World", but not knowing the name it was nearly impossible to find. Years after I had forgotten the song, I found a mix tape inside the closet of a house my family had moved in to that was left over from the previous tenants. Imagine my delight when the song was on this unlabled cassette. Score! Both Traveling Wilburys albums and George Harrisons' Cloud Nine were produced by Lynne and I love all three. I even found a long out of print VHS copy of a concert they did at Wembley Stadium(complete with lasers and space ship stage!) in 1978 and burned it DVD. It really is ridiculous to to have guys roaming the stage with cellos, violas, and violins but I've seen worse(I think). Some goodies are "Telephone Line", "Mr. Blue Sky", "Turn To Stone", and "Can't Get It Out Of My Head".
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iPod Song of the day: Dancin' With Mr. D from the Rolling Stones' Goats Head Soup


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