Friday, May 20, 2005

Van Halen: 1984 & Largo '82

What a fucking power trio! Right up the with Cream, Jimi & The Experience, and BTO(wink). The day "1984" was released(or "dropped" for all those born after 1980), my brother and I went right out and bought it on vinyl. Man, I miss vinyl. We played the first single from the album(Jump) over and over, trying to figure out the lyrics. The next day we fought over who was gonna carry the album around school with them. For some reason, I think I got to show it off first. I probably let my brother beat the shit out of me in exchange for the honor. It was worth it. I looked really cool the next day, walking through the halls and showing off. I also recall doing the same thing when Motley Crue's "Theatre Of Pain" came out. When you think about it, it's pretty silly to think I was walking around with hot wax at school and nothing to play it on.

In '82 when they played the US Festival, my brother and I stayed up late to listen to it on the Westwood One Radio Network. We recorded it on cassette and it became a fast fav. "Runnin' With The Devil" is the only song I can recall on the tape, but since then I've gotten a bootleg on DVD and can enjoy the entire performance in digital video.

Remember in 'Back To The Future" when Michael J. Fox appeared to Crispin Glover as the man from the future? The tape in the Walkman that Fox used to punish Crispin was labled 'Van Halen Live!'. I think that's the first time I ever realized that bootlegs of their live shows might exist. I've since collected several thousands of hours of bootlegs from a variety of bands. I blame Spielberg.

10.12.82 Cap Centre/Largo, MD
Quality of the audio/video is very good. The strongest performance I have on DVD. As Michael Anthony jumps around during his bass solo(when was the last concert you went to with a bass solo?) someone throws a cowboy hat on stage. Without missing a beat, Anthony puts on the hat and tears in to the theme from 'Gunsmoke'. As stoned as he looks, he's still sharp as a tack!
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Dave gets his Jack Daniels delivered by a midget.
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And Eddie, to his embarassment, is named Guitar Player of the Year
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Alex works on his Tinnitis.
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And even Little Dave gets some of the spotlight!
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Dave love you long time.
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Here's my current VH fav.

iPod song of the day: Medicated Goo from Traffic's 'Welcome To The Canteen'


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