Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dylan In The Studio(Songs You Should've Heard) pt.1

Up To Me(Biograph)
This Blood On The Tracks outtake is the crowning jew of the Biograph boxed set. It wouldn't surface for more than a decade after it was recorded. As darkness closes in all around him, Bob turns to the only one he can rely on, himself. A man in the eye of storm delivers a heartfelt plea for the inner strength to carry on. Using contrasting images of light and dark to paint his picture of turmoil, Bob poors his heart out to his true love. From the highest high(Sermon on the Mount) to the lowest low(death) he weaves a tale of a relationship he had put all his hope in, only to be betrayed. One of the only songs I can recall in which he is reduced to tears(Somebody's got to cry some tears, I guess it must be up to me). He concludes with gentle resolve.

If we never meet again, baby remember me.
How my lone guitar played sweet for you that old time melody.
And the harmonica around my neck, I blew it for you, free.
No one else could play that tune.
I guess it must be up to me.

Every Grain Of Sand(Biograph)
A man at peace with himself and his past. Accepting the hand that has been dealt to him, Bob reveals a new found faith in all that surrounds him. Having fought his moral battles, he leaves the tunnel of despair with all the awe and wonder of a new born child. This song is truly an emotional ride for any who have followed his carreer. Bob as Buddah. And if ever there were a Church Of Dylan, this would be the testament of the converted. Bob at his most spiritual. A confession of love for the world.

Speaking of confessions...I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity, on his 64th birthday, to express my feelings for the man. Where do I start? Having come from a broken home, he's been a real father figure for me throughout my 20's & 30's. A poet who has touched my soul in places I didn't know exsisted. Taken me to the top with his music, but also willing to wallow with me in my darkess hours of despair. A friend I've never been formally introduced to. An imperfect man, in an imperfect world. A guide who has shown me the universe of man through words, music, and mayhem. Shown me, through the many masks he's worn, not to accept what others can force on you. But rather to excel in what I believe, and accept no substitute. To reach for the brass ring, no matter the obstacles. An uncomprimising soldier in the battle that is life. My hero. May you live another 64 years, my friend. Even if you never play another note, my respect and admiration for you will never diminish. I love you and will carry your message in my heart for as long as I live and beyond. Long may you run...


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