Sunday, May 22, 2005

Kate Smith Evening Hour w/ Hank Williams

Just got this dvd...


After a successful appearance on the March 26th show, Hank and the rest of the Grand Ole Opry cast are asked to perform on that evenings variety show.

Brought to you by...The Reynolds Metal Company
"Vital for the the defense of the nation and all your household needs." How's that for a company slogan. Makes you wanna stand up and salute, then bake some cookies.

First up is Kate, who greets us and sings a short number welcoming everyone to the show. Squeaky clean.

Next, she introduces the upbeat tap dancing of the appropriately named Step Brothers. Decked out in tux and tails, the quartet present a jump-jiving dance routine filled with flips and flops and hootin' and hollerin'. Fun stuff.

Next up, the comedy stylings of Phil Foster. Very clean. He looks and sounds a lot like Gary Marshall with his Bronx accent, Dumbo ears, and toothy grin.

Another plug for Reynolds Metals along with a pitch for engineers.

Kate steps up to the plate again and delivers the piano driven torch song, "Be Anything But Darling Be Mine." (hoooooowwwwwwl)

Mr. Runion from the American Cancer Society presents Kate with the American Cancer Award for Distinguished Service. (Is that like the C. Montgomery Award for the Outstanding Achievement in Field of Excellence?)

Of course the next shot is reporter Edward R. Murrow sitting with a cigarette dangling from his mouth....

A classic commercial for BAB-O is next. "No Sink Smog with BAB-O" is their slogan. Whatever the fuck that means!

A throaty "Away We Go" by Kate is up next. She's very clean.

The very dirty smog guy, who hides in your sink, then shows us just how to get rid of sink smog .

The Opry cast is up next...YEE-HAW!

Roy Acuff thanks everyone for being invited back and he and his hillbilly crew present an upbeat "Living On The Mountain" surrounded by square dancers.

He then performs a small comedy bit with the one and only June Carter(not yet Johnny's wife). She and a trio of the Carter ladies then sing some song about "Henry Lee".

Here come the Cedar Hill Square Dancers again! (lookin fat and old)

Next, Roy brings on old bashful brother Oswald, who doesn't seem bashful at all(I guess that's the joke). He and his hick clan(The Smokey Mountain Boys) perform "Mountain Dew". As quick as it starts, it's over.

At last, Acuff introduces a fringe laden Hank and crew. Hank speaks for a second and informs us that this is their most financially successful song to date. A soulful "Cold, Cold Heart' is what follows. Man, this guy is the real deal. Despite his grin, pain is all around when this guy sings.

June then introduces her sister, Anita, and she and Hank sing a super sweet duet, "I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You".

A toothless trio(Cousin Odie, Lanso, & Oscar) then come out for a silly, "You Never Cry Over Me". Cousin Odie accents the song with his talking slide guitar that everyone in the audience seem to get a big kick out of.

The grand finale brings on the whole Opry cast for a sing along, "Glory Bound Train".

As Acuff thanks all involved, the dancers reappear and the Kinescope cuts off before he has a chance to finish.

Like a time machine, this allowed a glimce in to a much simpler time and place. Very clean.

This is one of only 2 performance by Hank known to exist on Kinescope. A real treasure! God bless Hank Williams and television. This would be Hank's final televised appearance.

(I had planned on posting sreen captures with each act, but for some reason all the captures came out funky. Sorry...)

iPod Song of the day: The Tra-La-La Song(One Banana, Two Banana) performed by Liz Phair & Material Issue from 'Saturday Morning - Cartoons' Grteatest Hits


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the record - glimpse and screen (learn to spell something besides trashy four letter words). You need to get a life. As a daughter of one of the "fat and old" Cedar Hill Square Dancers, I'd like to say, "keep your trashy mouthed comments to yourself". When was the last time you were on a national television show, danced at the RKO Palace in New York, or appeared regularly on the Grand Old Opry? I think never. Who died and left you in charge?

5:58 PM  

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