Sunday, June 19, 2005

Who Tribute @ The Continental Club

After several rehearsals with the now infamous Mod Fag & The White Belts, we finally took the stage in the early morning hours of June 17 to a small but very enthusiastic crowd of drunken friends and barfly's. Our lead guitar player wore his best engine driver cap, while the bass player looked like he came straight from an official mafia dinner meeting(very smart). Rhythm guitar(and resident 'real rocker') James, was decked out in head to toe black. See, I told ya he was a true rock 'n roller! And drummer Shane in his Sunday best(sleeveless Mickey Mouse shirt & shorts). I wore a 'mod' wig from Partyboy, a tight fitting red-striped shirt from Value Village($1.60), and a bitchin' red leather cape, courtesy of the Cooper clothing experience. My sunglasses had me flying blind the whole night and that was probably best.
We(and friends) had braved the first 3 bands. I kept telling everyone they were like a "lame fuck". It's hard when it goes in, but before long turns in to a mushroom hump. While technically proficient at what they were doing, their stage presence just kinda laid there. They knew and played all the right notes, with few suspect harmonies, but were kinda like the regulars at the bar. Lame or doing their laundry in their heads.
Prior to the show I had been watching 'Lost In Translation' at this phat pad in West U. and noticed that in virtually every scene between Scarlett and Bill, they were drinking. So I figured a pad of this stature must have some good liquor in it.( Ya see, I swore off booze after a puke fest following the annual IBP gala in March. After too much vodka, I puked in the parking lot of a condo complex in which I was looking after a lesbian couples dogs. For several hours, during the early morning hours, I ralphed and came in and out of conciseness, finally passing out on their couch...good times). I found some Johnny Walker Red Label in the pantry. Goody for me?
I had told my pals we would be going on early, as Shane had implied, but we kept getting bumped for some reason that is still baffling to me. It had something to do with the date you had signed up for the gig.(WTF???) And in an even more baffling move, the "headlining" band took the stage first and proceeded to drive half the customers away. I guess their name "Dreambreakers" is appropriate.

Jimmy and Shane got mad. I got drunk.

We took the stage and immediately blazed in to 'Run, Run, Run' from the Who's 'A Quick One'. Probably our tightest song of the night. Shane broke a drum or a cymbal stand and we covered with some not so witty drunken stage banter. At least our banter was more amusing than the previous bands extended song explanations. Oye! 'Boris The Spider' came crawling out next. I stumbled over the last two lines in the 3rd verse, but if you were sober enough to recognize that, you were not at the Continental Club at 1AM. I'm kinds foggy on the order of the next 3 songs, but they were 'See My Way', 'Batman'(both from 'A Quick One'), and a cover of 'Daddy Rolling Stone'. I screwed the latter up during the second chorus, but I don't think that was all my fault.
As I walked off stage, the guitarist from the previous band told me we had "blown them off the stage". Check. And the MC got on the mike to say that the Who would have "approved" of our speeding locomotive of a performance. Checkmate. But the cherry on the cake was, after all the booze I had consumed and my offers to the friends who stayed to put a drink on my tab, the bartender only charged me 9 bucks. So, baby take a whiff on me!

I hope we do it again. The White Belts fucking rock.

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