Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dylan on 60 Minutes

I saw the original airing, but this time I have a blog.
Still as sharp as a tack, he is. As in his reply to Bradley's obseravation of the irony that, he viewed himself the polar opposite of what others had seen him. His response lightning fast, "Ain't that somethin'". The old man has still got it.
But what he doesn't have, and admits, is the ability to write as he once did. You could almost see him coming to grips with this revelation right there on camera. And a weaker man would probably fall apart on the spot with this admission. How many of us have struggled with talents or ablilities we once had but can no longer conjure? I think most. He's realized his limitations on one front, but also realizes that he has aquired new talents to exploit. That's evolution, my friend. To stare in the face of a force strong enough to derail most men and rather than hold his ground until submerged in his own tears, he turned his back and searched for more. Un-fucking-believable!
I've been proud to say I've been a Dylan fan for more than 16 years, now. Not long, I know. But the strength and wisdom carried in this man has made me prouder today. Almost vindicated my choices. I can look at those who have smothered praise on lesser men/women and hold my head high.
A giant among men. Not a prophet or man-god. Just a man. A man whose life has taught him some very valuable lessons that he's been generous enough to share with us. A man who's kept this word with his maker. Fighting the fight that would, and has, killed men with similar vision. But, thankfully for us, he survived.


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