Friday, May 13, 2005

Stones(Mick Taylor era), Stones dvd boots, David Alan Coe

Man, the fucking Rolling Stones. Mick Taylor era, totally. It's not that it's even Mick T's slip'n'slide guitar playing. The other band members really are at their collective best during this time too. Spilling over into the Ronnie era until '81, maybe '82. Haven't heard enough boots from the time to say fer sure. But the Mick Taylor era shines both in their live AND studio efforts. Never really strong on a cohesive studio album, but on a song by song basis...Phenomenal.

Stray Cat Blues: I get a hard-on everytime I hear this song. Maybe the sexiest, drugged-out, testosterone filled song they ever drooled out. (Cocksuckers Blues is close, but missing the testies. Where can I get my ass fucked, indeed!

Which leads us to "Cocksuckers"(song & movie). Get the bootleg DVD. Worth a view. Stones hedonism at its finest hour. Bobby Keys and the horns are just gravy. Now to the song. Who didn't do a double-take the first time they heard the chorus. (Googled the lyrics...nada.) Here's the mpthree Read that the song was part of some New York cats idea to record an album of X-rated songs for his defense against porno haters. Stones wrote and recorded it, but of course didn't allow its official release(same for the movie). The filmmaker has an agreement with them to have 1(one!) screening per year. Dr. John was another who wrote a song for the X-rated album(You Can Never Eat Too Much Pussy). Never heard it, but sounds self explanatory. Years later, David Alan Coe wrote an undergroud album of fuckin', suckin', and racist songs. Heard 'em. Novelty at best.

BTW, David Alan Coe is one crazy sum'bitch. My old band Horseshoe opened for him at Rockefellers here in Houston back in the late '90s and he had them tear out their very good sound system and have his personal sound system set up instead. Basically, he had two 10 foot tall speakers flanking the stage and facing away from the audience(?). And he had the treble turned up ALL THE WAY in both, no low end. Deaf bastard. His monitor system consisted of old guitar amps he had positioned around him in a semi-circle(wtf??). So, with the two feet of stage left, we set up our gear and walked through the maze of his sound system like good little rats. The entire evening he played the same white electric guitar that he had set up through his effects box to sound like an acoustic. His beard was braided in two halves like pig-tails and he had a shrunken head placed at the foot of the stage.

Ladies & Gentlemen The Rolling Stones(1972) Now this dvd is the SHIT. No fuckin' around here. Pro-shot right here in lil' ole Texas. And good-goddamn is this thing smokin'. Clear picture and beautiful fucking sound. Says it has 5.1, but I ain't got no fitty-one system. I'll have to take their word. As if this dvd could get better. In the imortal words of Ted Knight, "Top notch, TOP NOTCH!" Capture is from the opening song "Brown Sugar". As Mick scoots his skinny ass across the stage, he catches the eye of Keif and flashes his a grin as if to say, "We are the kings of the world!"

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Paris 1976 pro-shot bootleg. Color bleeds on everyone. Kinda gives an alien glow to everyone under the spotlight, but beautiful. 2 dvd's. Long opening of all the goings on backstage, not with the band but all the hangers-on. HUGE stage. But I guess everything they did from '75 on was more and more hugified. Crack kills kids. And Billy Preston, the kidfucker, is along for the ride. Guess they had gotten rid of the big parachute weenie. You'd think the French would be the ones to appreciate a giant uncut cock. Go figure.

iPod song of the day: Big Ol' Bug (Is The New Baby Now) Flaming Lips "Soft Bulletin Companion"


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