Monday, July 04, 2005

Mtv(sucks) L8

Geezus goddamn! Mtv just fucking sucks my sweaty balls. Why the fuck would you go through the expense of sending out correspondents to several different countries and do such a shitty job of covering the rock n' roll event of the year? Leave it to these cocksuckers to make a mess of it. For the first 2 1/2 hours they refused to even show a full performance from anyone. Someone needs to kill all the fucking assholes at that "music" station. I not even asking for the full sets by anyone, just a complete song, without Sway, Norris, MC Lyte?, or any of those other fuckballs interrupting and having nothing to say. Why not just fucking play a days worth of "Pimp My Ride" or "Made", rather than teasing us with this bullshit. Go fuck yourselves Mtv. You suck.
Now, what I did manage to see was actually pretty good performance wise(from Europe, that is). Don't even get me started on the bullshit line-up that was Philadelphia. Will fucking Smith? Destiny's Shithole? Geezus, that's the best this lousy country could do?
Green Day from Berlin was pretty smokin'. With any luck, these guys will save rock n' roll. They did a damn good job of rockin' the Rhein. It's a shame that no one had the balls to show Brian Wilson from there. The best we got was to hear a glimpse of 'Wonderful' in the background of those mindless talking heads that destroyed the Mtv "broadcast". Cocksuckers.
And what is more infuriating, is the fact that the Mtv guys kept ranting on about how good the collaboration between Coldplay and the former lead singer of the Verve was, only to show just a portion of 'Bittersweet Symphony'. Fucking fags.
Madonna did a pretty good job, I must admit. She a great entertainer who can get 200,000 people on their feet. She did look a bit confused that the African girl, whom Geldof brought on stage, remained there during her song. She kept pulling the poor girl farther and farther from center stage. Because after all, that's where Madonna lives, not her.
The Pink Floyd reunion was pretty fucking fantastic. It's good to see that these guys could put their differences aside for the sake of good ole Pink. Gilmore can still play the guitar like a mothafucker, too! I had never seen him, but I believe that was Snowy White on the second guitar as well. A nice tight unit for a 24 year break. I hope that they don't turn it in to a full blown reunion tour. Fuck the money, fame, and fans.
Also saw a bit of U2. They were good. Didn't get to see more than a glimpse of the Macca collaboration though. Wish I had. Paul closing his set with "The Long & Winding Road' was a piece of shit. Bad choice. And that 'Hey Jude' finale has been played out as well. I'm a Macca fan, but his need to please everyone all the time is just plain stupid.

Yeah, I know it's a pretty shitty blog entry. But it was a pretty shitty broadcast.


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would be cool if Macca would play venus and mars live sometime

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