Wednesday, February 08, 2006

** Symphony EP CD

This Houston based stringed quartet ain't your mama's wedding playin', pastel wearin', garden variety outfit. These four ladies are true originals in every sense of the word. They write all their own music and do it while decked out in black leather boots. I've had their latest EP in regular rotation for a few weeks now and I'm ready to throw in my two cents. The first few listenings were through my regular cd player and receiver and I wasn't too thrilled with the overall feeling. However, since I've been playing it through my 5 channel dvd/cd player, I've been quite impressed. Here's the lowdown...

Something She Said: Very dark. This is pure death metal. Lots of heavy handed cello with winds of violins and viola swirling and dancing around your head like little devils at play. Laughing as they prod you in your soft spots with little to no mercy. It brings to mind some silent black & white footage I saw somewhere of little demons tormenting a drunken man as he wandered through the streets lost. This could easily be on the soundtrack for "A Nightmare Before Christmas" or "The Corpse Bride". The instruments come together at the end creating a ever building crescendo of fire that climb higher and higher up the walls of your ears.

Hell Hound: Having not paid much attention to the actual names of the pieces, I didn't see this one as foreboding as the name would suggest. The first few notes of the cello seem to send out a long bellow of a cry that appear to be a warning for the see-saw ride that follows. I picture long flowing Irish landscapes with this one. Emerald fields as far as the eye can see. Up and down. Up and down. The violins stair step ever upward until finally releasing allowing the listener to tumble down the hill end over end. About half way through it becomes more middle eastern/Arabic in flavor.

Napoleon's Grudge: The most light hearted piece in the collection, this is pure cat and mouse. At first, the viola and cello play the part of the cat and the violins the mouse. About a minute in to the work(my favorite part), the tiny gray mouse sneaks in on his tip toes to get his cheesy poof. With his prize in hand, he does a funny little jig around for a bit only to arouse the cat from its slumber. With that, the instruments seem to reverse roles and the chase is on! But, like all good Tom & Jerry cartoons, the final few bars reveal the two to be life long pals. As the screens closes in around them, we see the two shake hands and give a knowing wink to the audience. YAY!

These gals play all over town in a variety of different settings. Do yourself a favor and visit their website, buy some merchandise, and go see 'em live. You won't regret it. They're gonna be bigger than Elvis someday soon. I don't wanna piss the girls off by posting a whole song, so I've made a little snippet of the"sneaking gray mouse" section from "Napoleon's Grudge"
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