Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Soft Bulletin & Yoshimi 5.1

You may think you've heard these albums before but until you've experienced the 5.1 mixes of both, you've heard NOTHING! These are not merely recordings, these are sonic wonders. Futuristic landscapes constructed in three dimension with instruments and voices as their bricks and mortar. As vivid as any Monet. More intricate than a Serat. These brilliantly produced waves of ear candy put the Flaming Lips and producer David Fridmann so far ahead of anything that's been released by a recording artist in the last 3 decades, it's hard to imagine anyone catching them. Or even a glimpse in their rearview mirror, for that matter. Perhaps, if proper care is given to any Pink Floyd or psychedelic-era Beatles album, I might just eat my words. But until then, I have to believe these to be the equivalent of a rock 'n roll revolution. Not since Sgt. Pepper's was unleashed or the deep vinyl grooves of Wish You Were Here cut has psychedelic pop received such a life renewing shot in the arm. These are not the abstract, sometimes obtuse, noise- rock sounds that the band cut its teeth on in the early nineties. These are crisp, delightful cuts that express emotion in a palatable, mind-tingling manner. When Coyne sings the phrase, "Feeling yourself disintegrate.", you actually believe that are dissolving in a solution distilled from acid-tinged quarter notes. And what a heavenly feeling it is. In a stroke of genius, Warner Brothers has not only given us the dvd-a, but also include the cd version in the same package, insuring you a bellyful by the end.(I've chosen not to discuss the major "fuck-ups" that accompanied BOTH releases). These are the real deal, folks. More words would be futile. Sprint ,don't run, to get these.


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