Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Striped Holy Grail

Every so often a gift of such magnificence falls in to your lap, it's hard to deny. Even those not a fan of Saint Jack and Lady Meg would be hard pressed to refuse this gift that fell from the brow of the digital deity. Hollywood, sure. But the redemption comes from straight from the stage of the Greek Theatre in SoCal. Two against an army. (I won't make the obvious pun here). Their only weapons; 3 amps, 3 guitars(2 blood red) , and a sparkling set of skins. Those that clawed their way to the front were repelled by the tnt hurled from the ampliphied cones. Even the poor keyboards get caught in the melee. Jack, dressed in his finest 'Freddie Mercury" pants. Meg, perched upon her leather throne, is in red pants and black shirt(accented by her finest bounce). Her hair, propelled by a hidden fan, swirls like beautiful bats around her head. Jack comes forward only to incite the youngsters and urge them to "take a whiff on me". There's also the near "Jimi @ Monterey" moment that finds said Saint on his knees before the six stringed God with only a pick and slide, instead of a urn of lighter fluid. Incendiary indeed. There are moments of short-lived peace as well. Lady Meg steps out front to deliver a luscious ode of love to her lover draped only in the cold fingers of night. And as a nod to Zimmy, Jackie-boy tickles the keys and serenades the masses with his internal struggle against jaded love. If you think a strobe light is a gimmick, call it just that. It's here. So, deal with it. There's even a lesson in French by Messier Jacque before all's said and done. Our cup runeth over with rock. But as the green guy says, "Don't Panic!" If you look close enough, you'll find what you've been looking for. The hits, b-sides, vinyl only pressings, hard to find singles, and everything in between. You will be converted with a single viewing. Don't fight. You'll lose. I'll tell you one thing. When they discover higher intelligence in the universe, this will be our greeting card. Loud, lovely, and well...loud.

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White Stripes 09/23/03 DVD(1) A- Hollywood AUD from DV

black math>dead leaves and the dirty ground
hotel yorba
I'm finding it harder to be a gentleman
when I hear my name
cannon > take a whiff on me
sugar never tasted so good
in the cold cold night
the hardest button to button
death letter > grinnin' in your face
astro > jack the ripper > everyday
devil's haircut
ball and biscuit
we're going to be friends
you're pretty good looking
apple blossom
look me over closely
lafayette blues
I want to be the boy
seven nation army > wichita lineman
little room
let's build a home > going back to memphis

Ipod song of the day: "This Here Giraffe" from the Flaming Lips Clouds Taste Metallic


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Not Fender amps.....Silvertone.

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